Is a name change coming to Portage Resources $POTG ?

( — August 13, 2016) Las Vegas, NV —



Is Portage Resources Inc about to change it’s name?


OTC: Pink POTG  (Last price .002, 52 week high of .01)  Lately there has been some activity noted within its day to day trade activities and upon further examination in the companies “About Us” it reads ” ….NAME CHANGE IS COMING”

With this in mind, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to the company to find out more, and wfitness fb profilehat they had to say was pretty encouraging.   They’re actively in the process of changing the company name with O
TC Markets as well as ticker.   They would not indicate which it would be but there is a high excitement level about in the offices or (soon to be) Fitness Gurls.  Check out their online magazine here

POTG going to be known by a different name soon, are working on their product(s) and getting both physical and digital sales accomplished daily.   The follower count on this company is remarkable with over 10 Million followers on social media in conjunction.

fitness fb wallIt could be a great opportunity as the company nears completing final steps and is trading at 80% off the years high of .01 

Or as one very observant FB poster wrote, “what guy doesn’t give a like to boobs?”

It could be an interesting stock to watch this year for traders.


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Company Officers/Contacts
Jason Miller CEO
Paul Luna Belfiore President

About Portage Resources, Inc.

Via 3rd party* About Portage/FG Fitness & Media Group: FG Fitness & Media Group, Inc is a multi-faceted company that has Fitness and Media at its core. This business has multiple revenue sources (at least 12 sources for examples. Fitness directory, supplements, apparel, magazines, calendars, online training, media, advertising and promotional products, events and more. This will prove beneficial to sustaining the firm’s growth strategies. FG already has a significant social media presence and this will become an essential component of our success. our goal is to obtain over 500,000 Twitter and over 2,000,000 Facebook fans (in 2016)? Currently, or website has over 300,000 unique visitors. This traffic as well as others will be instrumental in the marketing of the Company’s products and services moving forward to build our brand. The Company’s business model was designed to provide sufficient expansion opportunities in emerging markets, and it will be able to capitalize on business opportunities that will prove beneficial to prolong financial growth. For more information regarding our strategies it can be found on the company’s website. ….NAME CHANGE IS COMING


Portage Resources, Inc.

5996 S Edmond St
Las Vegas, NV United States89118